Magazine Launch

The Taste of StMU magazine launch party is an annual event that occurs near the end of the semester to celebrate the accomplishments of the graphic design student editors. On the menu are foods prepared by the “chefs” they featured in their magazines. Awards are given to students in two categories, “Professionals’ Choice” and “People’s Choice;” the winners’ partner chefs also receive a commemorative award plate and special apron imprinted with the Taste of StMU logo, respectively. The magazine launch party is by invitation only; guests include university officials, department faculty and staff, Marianists, alumni, sponsors and professional judges representing the fields of graphic design, mass communication, marketing and food catering. Everyone gets a sample of what the students have learned and what the chefs have cooked—a true Taste of StMU!

2018 – Monday, April 16


Professionals’ Choice Winner: Jocelyn Alvarez Bibian (center, right), with her chef, Gabriela Santos (center, left).


People’s Choice Winner: Valeria García (center, right) and chef Amairany Franco (center, left). | 2018 Photos | Sponsored by Henry’s Puffy Tacos

2017 – Wednesday, April 12

Professionals’ Choice Winner: Xuanzi Elly Liu (center, right; see magazine), with her chef.


People’s Choice Winner: Madison Perales (center, left) and chef Ricardo García (left). | 2017 Photos | Sponsored by Henry’s Puffy Tacos

2014 – Friday, November 21


Professionals’ Choice Winner: Mariajose Romero (see magazine) (right) with her chef, Maria Angela Zavala. People’s Choice Winner: Kyra Littlejohn (see magazine) and chef Kathe Lehman-Meyer (both not pictured). | 2014 Photos

2013 – Monday, November 25


Professionals’ Choice Winner: Jessica Valles (see magazine) with her chef, Beatriz Quesada, left. People’s Choice Winner: Michelle Kafie (see magazine), with her chef, Cindy Kafie, right. | 2013 Photos

2012 – Wednesday, November 28

People’s Choice Winner: Nick Canedo with Chef Kirsten Acosta, left. Professionals’ Choice Winner: Rachel Grahmann (see magazine) with Chef Kristina Garcia, right. | 2012 Photos

2011 – Friday, November 18

Professionals’ Choice Winner: Emily Scruggs (see magazine). People’s Choice Winner: Brissa Renteria | 2011 Photos

2010 – Wednesday, December 1

People’s Choice Winners: Oscar Maguregui and Megan Foster. Professionals’ Choice Winners: Denice Hernandez and Sarah Mills (see magazine). | 2010 Photos

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