Crusted Baked Chicken

Crusted Baked Chicken by Anna Plote
Story and Photo by Christopher Montemayor

One look at Anna Plote and the first word that comes to mind is: intelligent.

However, after taking the time to get to know Plote, one quickly learns that beyond her aura of intelligence lies a very humorous and passionate person who also happens to be a great cook.

Plote, a senior at St. Mary’s, currently majors in biology and hopes one day to become a successful doctor. She has been interested in the sciences since she was a child, but realized in high school that she wanted to save lives through medicine.

After graduating from St. Mary’s, she hopes to attend medical school and earn a doctoral degree.

At St. Mary’s, Plote is active in programs such as Tri beta, the Catholic Student Group, St. Mary’s College Republicans and SM friends. Plote also participates in Habitat for Humanity and serves as a tutor in the Learning Assistance Center.

What Plote appreciates most about St. Mary’s is community relationships that she experiences through the various groups. As a member of the Catholic Student Group, Plote recently attended a retreat at the HEB camp which she described as an “amazing experience” that she’ll never forget.

Of the foods that she enjoy, Plote prefers meals that are quick, simple, healthy and, most importantly, of good taste. Vegetables and fruits are at the top of her list of best foods, but they do not compare to her love of crusted baked chicken, which reminds her of being at home with her family where making such a meal was a tradition.

When preparing this dish, Plote recommends that the crust be made with cereal such Special K or a rice-based product; that way, the chicken can achieve the crusted-effect without altering the final taste too much.

Another tip for preparing this recipe is to check constantly the chicken before considering it officially cooked. This takes into consideration the kind of oven used, as well as the various chicken breast themselves, because some chicken breasts cook faster or longer than others.


  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 2 c of Milk
  • 3 c Special K cereal
  • 4 servings of green beans
  • 4 c of water


Open the chicken breast package and pt them on a plate. Once that is completed, take servings of Special K cereal and crush them into a bowl. Then, fill a pan with milk. Once the milk is placed, dip the chicken into the milk and let it soak for 30 seconds. Then, dress the chicken with the Special K cereal to make the crust. Once this is completed, place the chicken in the oven for 25 minutes.To cook the green beans, un-package them and place them in a pan of boiling water. Once they are cooked properly, they can be served next to the chicken. When serving the chicken, consider each breast as a serving. Therefore the final dish should have 1 serving of baked crusted-chicken with 1-2 servings of green beans.

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