Cheese Enchiladas

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Cheese Enchiladas
Story and Photos by Preston Jones

San Antonio is a predominantly Hispanic city, where Mexican-styled food is an important part of the city’s culture.

A native from El Paso, Dion Jeraldo Castro pays tribute to that culture by making cheese enchiladas.

After graduating in May 2013, Castro hopes to attend a graduate school in California to pursue opportunites in acting.

Castro has starred in high school plays, made his own music videos, and also was featured in other videos he produced on YouTube.

Already being a talented actor, Castro wants to take his skills to the next level and try to and find professional work.

Recently, Castro switched majors from Exercise and Sports Science to English-Communication Arts and discovered a passion for course such as Film Studies, Media Production and Graphics. Additionally, he plans to earn a minor in drama which will give him some experience in acting.

In addition to acting, Castro also is passionate about basketball.

As a member of the Rattler basketball team at St. Mary’s, he plays shooting guard and has been on the team since his freshman year.

Growing up in El Paso, Castro says that some of his favorite foods to eat are Mexican.

He enjoys enchiladas, tacos and flautas, but also likes other foods.

“I enjoy Italian food as well, such as Chicken Parmesans and Chicken Alfredo. One of my favorite dishes is a Japanese dish called Chicken Teriyaki,” says Castro.

Castro likes to cook simple foods such as bean and cheese tacos, nachos or these cheese enchiladas.

“Living on campus prevents me from cooking as much as I would like and am often stuck with going to the [school] cafeteria, or eating fast food,” he says.

Castro feels that this dish relates well with the St. Mary’s community and is simple to cook.

It is one of the first meals that his mom taught him to make while growing up in El Paso.

“This dish is very simple to make,” says Castro.

Basically, what  is seen in the directions is the way to prepare this dish.

The best advice that Castro offers when making this dish is to use only as much cheese as desired.

“If you’re not a lover of cheese, then do not pour it on. But, if you do love cheese, then go head and go nuts,” says Castro.


  • 1 24 fl oz bottle Canola Oil (use as needed)
  • 17-20 Red tortillas
  • 32oz bag of Mexican shredded cheese
  • 2 3oz cans of Old El Paso Enchilada sauce
  • Foil


Cover the bottom of a flat round pan with canola oil, and turn the heat to medium high. Pour the Old El Paso sauce into a medium sized pan, and turn pilot to medium high to heat the sauce. Have a large pan to place into the oven ready on the side and preheat oven to 350. Take the red tortillas one at a time and run through oil just to soften, and then dip in Old El Paso sauce to cover tortilla. Place tortilla in baking pan, put cheese in the middle and roll tortilla. Push tortilla all the way to the side of pan. (Note: Spray pan with nonstick spray before putting tortillas down. Repeat steps four and five lining up rolled tortillas until bottom of pan is filled. Once pan is filled pour left over sauce into pan just to moisten the top of tortillas. Pour as much cheese as wanted over tortillas. Cover pan with foil and place in oven. Bake until cheese melted, take out of oven and let sit for 5 minutes, then serve and enjoy. This recipe will make up to six servings with three enchiladas on each plate.

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