Mahi Mahi Ceviche

Mahi Mahi Ceviche by Marisol Melara

Videograohy and Production by Clarissa M. Yanar

Marisol Melara is an International St. Mary’s senior from Honduras. She has spent most of her life in the tropical areas of her home country eating fresh fish and fruit. Making this dish for her is like going back home for a while!


• 1 Whole Cucumber
• ½ Red Onion
• 4 Medium Jalapenos
• 1 ½ Celery Sticks
• ¼ Cup of finely chopped Cilantro
• 1 Avocado
• ¼ Cup Orange Juice
• ¼ Cup Ketchup
• ½ Cup Tomato Juice
• 8 Limes
• ¼ Cup Jugo Magi
• Salt and Pepper
• 1lb. Mahi Mahi


Cut Mahi Mahi into small squares (about 1.5 cm). Place Mahi Mahi in a bowl and pour the juice of the 8 limes over it. Make sure it is completely covered. Leave Mahi Mahi sitting in lime juice for an hour. After washing them, finely chop all vegetables into tiny squares. Finely chop cilantro. Make sure to take seeds out of jalapenos and cucumbers. When Mahi Mahi has been cooked through with the lime juice, drain all lime juice from the bowl. Be sure to get it all out so no fishy residue taste is left behind. Mix in all vegetables and cilantro in with the fish. Add orange and tomato juice to the mix. Stir in the ketchup to the mix. Pour in the Jugo Magi. Add salt in pepper to your liking. Stir everthing together and try not to completely destroy the avocado. Serve over a tostada or saltine crackers. Add lime and hot sauce to your liking. Enjoy

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