Crab and Salmon Sushi Rolls

Crab and Salmon Sushi Rolls
Videography and Production by Stephanie Zaragoza

Frida Teran‘s, a junior majoring in Biology, at St. Mary’s University, manifests her creative mind in her ability to combine different ingredients to make delicious crab and salmon sushi rolls. Peace and quiet fill the kitchen as she begins putting all the ingredients in the seaweed then rolling the sushi together to make a great combination of sushi rolls with vegetables, seafood and rice.


• 4 cups of cooked white sushi rice
• 5 Nori (seaweed)
• 1 package of Surimi (immitation crab)
• 0.35 lbs of raw salmon
• 1 package of cream cheese, divided in thin strips
• 1 cucumber, cut in thin strips
• 1 medium sized avocado

With moistened clean hands, grab some sushi rice and press it into a sheet of Nori, covering only half of it. Place a small amount of surimi, salmon, cream cheese. cucumber, and avocado over the rice evenly. Tightly roll everything, starting from the rice area. Moisten with water the end of the Nori sheet and use both hands to finish forming the roll. Using a sharp moisten knife, start cutting the roll from the middle out into bite size sushi pieces.